Leyi is a professional enterprise engaged in 3D printing new materials research and development, production, sales and service. The company focuses on the innovation and breakthrough of 3D printing materials, especially in the field of photosensitive resin 3D printing materials who have advanced production equipment and professional research team. At present, Leyi have reached the industry leading level, in the industry has achieved a good reputation and brand image.
He graduated from the Department of Agricultural Chemistry, Taiwan University in 1967. In 1974, he received his doctoral degree from the University of Chicago, and then went to the University of Minnesota to do postdoctoral research. In 1988, he became a professor in the Department of Chemistry, Taiwan University. He served as the Distinguished Research Fellow, Director of the Institute of Chemistry, Academia Sinica, Taiwan, and Distinguished Chair Pro-fessor at National Taiwan University.
Professor Lu has long been engaged in the research of organic synthesis methodology and materials chemistry. His main research interests include organic synthesis methods, biomim-etic polymer synthesis, organic-inorganic mixed materials, organic photoelectric materials, and simulated photosynthesis. One of his major contributions in this field is the use of org-anic synthetic chemistry to solve important scientific problems in materials chemistry, and the systematic exploration of organic synthesis methods and their applications in organic materials.
Tian-yao Lu
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